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~ Occasional opinion pieces by Mark Shepard ~

Mark Shepard served two terms in the Vermont Senate (2003-2006) and ran for Congress in the 2006 Republican Primary (Shepard For Congress).

For a number of reasons, not the least of which is its small size, Vermont was targeted as a key beachhead by those desiring to move America away from its liberty-based birth, where the laws of nature and nature’s God were supreme, and toward socialism, where the state (man’s wisdom, such as it is) is supreme. It was in that environment that Mark ran and served in elected politics.

The efforts of recent years to move our national policy toward socialistic ideas is very much patterned after what happened in Vermont, where there has been a very serious exodus of businesses, young people and young families. And where today there is no political party standing strong on America’s founding principles, but rather each merely chases after power by playing on various human weaknesses to get votes.

Like so many other families and businesses in Vermont, in 2011 the Shepard family moved from Vermont to Virginia, where Mark's wife Rebecca was raised and where they were married in 1990.

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    Press coverage excerpts of 2006 Shepard for Congress race

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